How To Find A Real Free Psychic Reading Online?

Gaining Clear Insight with A Real Free Psychic Reading

Gaining clear insight with a real free psychic reading.

Are you looking for a network offering the real life psychic reading online free?

Nowadays, with the rapid development of Internet, finding a completely free yet powerful reading is no longer an issue. You can easily talk to any advisor (psychic mediums, clairvoyants, fortune tellers and spiritualists) about your current situation.

Not yet, without paying a penny, experiencing the absolutely free reading session will help you gain the clarity you are in need of.

A good psychic is the person having an unbreakable connection with the spirit world and born with extraordinary spiritual abilities. Very gifted and intuitive, they are believed to be able to solve all of your questions.

Speak with the psychic whenever you are struggling with your life.

For more insights or detailed information, you’ll get charged. The pricing of a reading depends on your inquiries or current circumstance, or the psychics’ quality, background and experience as well.

Via the psychic chat rooms, truth seekers will get connected to different well-known spiritual advisors from all over the globe. With a wide range of collection, you are able to find the best reader for your reading.

Make use of the Internet connection to purchase a free private reading online and achieve the most legitimate response to any of your queries. Get ready to interact with a psychic expert? Quickly go to several reliable psychic website and wait for the opportunity of getting a reading at 100% no cost or no credit card required.

Do you want to have a talk with a professional psychic?

I advise you to visit Oranum – this is a place where each advisor offering the real free online psychic chat room. Access the chat room where you feel most comfortable with for a powerful reading immediately.

What are you looking for? Time to speak with a psychic reading for free!

Why are live free psychic readings so popular?

The answer would be: because people have a great need to it. They find that interacting with a trusted psychic consultor brings many benefits. Even though we are living in the modern world, still numerous ways helping you communicate with an online psychic. You can ask for a full length reading via live chat text (or video) or telephone.

Some may allow you to make one totally free question no charge.

Talk to a psychic for free

Get Your Life Answers When Talking to A Psychic

Get your life answers when talking to a psychic.

Is this necessary?

Besides the chat option, many prefer the instant psychic reading phone call. Trust me; a free session with your reader is not enough. If you want to gain deeper understanding about your life, developing a closes relationship with the psychic is a must. They need to know you well to give accurate predictions.

Once you have the good relationship with several advisors, surely you’ll get more chances to attain the absolutely free psychic chat by phone.

Click on the link below to find a great example of a completely free psychic reading, no credit card needed.

Get a free phone psychic chat reading

Find the Guidance of Your Future Via Phone Readings

Find the guidance of your future via phone readings.

These days, it is a very common thing for psychics to work online or through phone – they no longer give traditional one-on-one readings. The Internet now allows them to deliver the service fast and easily.

Joining the Oranum forum gives you a lot of advantages: the biggest one is that you can access any free online psychic chat room and ask the question you are curious about without visit the actual psychic in person.

Or, you can read the psychics’ profile on the main page and get the contact number of the person that you feel most drawn into. Call them any time as most of them are available 24/7.

No limitation, simply “interview” as many psychics online as you want. The purpose of this is to determine the ultimate reader whom you will take to a private reading and pay for the whole reading session.

It’s good to have the free reading, but it’s even better if you can continue with a personal in-depth session. The spiritual advisor will surely come with more perceptive, insightful guidance leading you to a happier and more prosperous future.

Generally, it is possible to get yourself a free psychic reading chat or by phone.

In order to gain the most from a divine session, you should prepare well. There is an old saying, “The intersection of opportunity and preparation is the fortune.” Have wise, careful provision for the best reading result.

Great Tips To Protect Yourself From Negative Energy

In the universe, there are two forms of energy – positive and negative. Surrounding you every day, both coexist and have a great impact as well as influence on you.

Naturally, if you feel happy or excited about something, your positive emotions will spread out and draw in positive energy. On the other hand, negative emotions are born from stress, anxiety, depression and anger that could attract negative energy.

Is there any way to get rid of negative energies? Yes, here I come up with certain things that can help you remain only the positive energies. Keep track of this article if you want to live a joyful, successful and peaceful life.

How to rid yourself of all negative energies?


Laughter is The Greatest Medicine for Positive Energy

Laughter is the greatest medicine for positive energy.

There is a saying: “Laughter is the best medicine”, and it really is.

To avoid negative energies approaching your life, the first thing to remember is that happiness is a choice. If you choose a serious, intense attitude to face all circumstances in life, what you gain in return is only the negativity.

There’s only one thing reminding you not to take everything so seriously – what is it? Physically, laughter will lighten your mood. Take part in situations in which you can freely laugh. For example, visiting a comedy club or watching a funny movie.

Is it true that laughter can cure anything? Make friend with people who agree with this claim and you will see.

Always feel grateful for everything

Always Feeling Grateful with Everything in Life

Always feeling grateful with everything in life.

Another tip helping you getting rid of negative energies in life is – learning to accept the reality. Bear in mind that even if you prevent the negative energy from coming to your life, it doesn’t mean that bad things won’t happen.

In fact, negative things can still occur on occasion; and, that is life!

You should not upset or behave angrily. Instead, try to embrace your anger as well as appreciate it. You must express a positive attitude towards negative things. In order to achieve the best in this beautiful life, you are supposed to be grateful for everything that happens.

Be full responsible for your behavior and action

Taking Full Responsibility for Your Behavior and Action

Taking full responsibility for your behavior and action.

In life, people have the tendency to play the victim. However, you should take full responsibility for your manners, behaviors, actions and words toward your life in order to attract the positive energy. Never act like you are the victim!

When making a decision, you must have the reason in mind, whether it is good or bad.   And when you decide to go with it, you also have to accept the following consequence no matter how positive or negative it is.

Until a person learns to take responsibility for everything occurring in their lives, they are able to draw in the positive aura. Show the universe that you are ready to deal with all kinds of challenges coming your way.

Become aware with people involved in your life

Become Aware with People Involved in Your Life

Become aware with people involved in your life.

Last but not least, noticing others’ energies is also a way assisting you in achieving the positive energy in every aspect of life.

What kind of energy that people around you are putting off? Are your friends or colleagues recently making complaints or negative decisions?

Being surrounded by a great source of negative energy cannot help you attract the positive energy. Therefore, only staying in the circle of optimistic, bright individuals can provide you what you desire.

Nevertheless, this is not an easy step but very necessary, especially if you are serious about gaining a positive life.

Overall, getting rid of negative energies from your life is totally possible. Prepare the right mindset and you will be able to clear your goal with ease. Although the road leading to the ultimate success may not be simple, it is worth trying.

Spiritual Reading for Positive Energy

Getting Spiritual Reading to Avoid Negative Energy

Getting spiritual reading to avoid negative energy.

Are you searching for guidance?

Anyone of us struggle with challenges and experience difficult moments. What do we often do at those times? Well, when we need help, a talk with the spiritual reader can help solving the most of things.

Just ask for the spiritual healer’s assistance, and then you will receive a spiritual reading which comes in an interesting way. This is a precious opportunity for you to seek genuine guidance from an intuitive.

You can confess your current situation or what is confusing you frequently. Or, make questions regarding your future or past, and the reader’s answer will point out changes you need to do in the present that could bring a huge difference for a brighter future.

Note that the whole session’s purpose is not to cure your emotional wound or offer you a solution on a silver platter. Instead, the guidance will guide you through experience where you can gain clarity into your living life, and realize the truth that you need to learn.

Open your mind for greater understanding about your present situation.

Be open-minded to all new experiences entering your life and you will see life differently in your present situation.


List Of Top 5 Unblocked Games Online Free

You really hate the feeling of getting bored when being at school or work, right? Well, FGC Entertainment can help you, really. Here we pick a list of 5 good unblocked games which you can access with ease. These games can be savored anytime and anywhere without giving you any problem.

What makes the unblocked game awesome? Your data will always be saved whether you play on your laptop, your private iPad or a school computer. All the following games provided by FGC Entertainment has different genres, from arcade, shooting, adventure to 3D games. Still more other miscellaneous games, so if you want to discover, don’t hesitate to play unblocked games at FGC now.

1. Tank Trouble 2

Tank Trouble 2 Game

The first pick of FGC is Tank Trouble 2. Actually, this game is a complete remake, inspired by Tank Trouble, the original version. When it comes to the classic tank shooter, your ultimate goal is to destroy all enemy tanks. Players can play solo in Single-player mode, or you are also able to battle with one friend for more fun. Control the tank precisely and aim accurately to defeat the CPU or your buddy before you are attacked.

Will you become the highest scoring player?

2. Flight

In this addicting distance game, players will help a little girl send her letter to her mother, asking her to return home for Christmas. The major objective is to throw a paper plane as far as possible within limited days. Collecting stars as well as other boosters during the flight will give you cash. Later, make use of the money to upgrade the plane with advanced power-ups so that it can fly further.

3. Minecraft

You think Minecraft can’t be played at school or work? Totally wrong! In fact, there’s a Minecraft unblocked version created to help you deal with your boredom. Just get the download link from the official homepage and then you can enjoy the fun.

Nobody hasn’t played or at least heard about Minecraft, right? This open-world sandbox game is very popular – by entering the visual world full of blocks, players will get an opportunity express whatever they have in mind. Feel free to explore the limitless land and generate your very own kingdom.

Here, in Minecraft, the only limitation is nothing but your imagination.

4. Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels Game

Well, a large number of students at FGC Entertainment love Happy Wheels. In this ragdoll physics based game, you will take control of your favorite character and vehicle. Use your gaming skills to go through all obstacles and find a way to the exit in each level. The ultimate goal here is to STAY ALIVE, but trust me…it is definitely not that easy.

There are many characters and vehicles here – you can role-play a bicycling dad, Segway rider, or old man in the wheelchair. Proceed to many levels to unlock new people and means for more terrific stunts.

5. Bloons Tower Defense

The whole series is all about preventing the balloons’ attack to the monkey island. Like any typical tower defense game, Bloons Tower Defense asks players to build certain towers and fortresses. Also, it’s necessary to recruit an army of different monkeys. When the preparation stage is done, set all to the battle map in order to stop bloons from breaking into the entrance.

The more balloons you destroy, the more coins you will get. Use it to upgrade your protection system as well as train the monkey unit. Will you be able to make it through all levels?

In conclusion, FGC Entertainment is such a great place for those who want to reduce stress from school, work or even daily life. You can play all the unblocked games on all browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox and IE).

Hope you have fun with all the games above!

Papa’s Cooking Game Series Review

Talking about cool math games, people only think of science, number, logic or strategy games. Well, do you know that management games are also considered as a part of cool math genre? In this article, FGC Entertainment will present to you all a very popular restaurant management series; that’s, Papa’s Cooking.

What is the benefit of playing Papa’s Cooking games? The whole series challenge your patience as well as put your time-managing ability to test. Will you be freaked out when your customers are angry? Or will you give up if the time is running out? Everything will be reflected truthfully via Papa’s Cooking.

Papa's Cooking Game Series Review

Now let’s learn more about Papa’s games with FGC Entertainment. These restaurant management flash games are created and developed by Flipline . Most of them are very awesome and enjoyable. The series includes a total of 13 games including Papa’s Pizzeria, Papa’s Burgeria, Papa’s Taco Mia, Papa’s Freezeria, Papa’s Pancakeria, Papa’s Wingeria, Papa’s Hot Doggeria, Papa’s Cupcakeria, Papa’s Pasteria, Papa’s Donuteria, Papa’s Chesseria, Papa’s Bakeria and Papa’s Sushiria. These games are very familiar to all players across the world, especially individuals into cooking games, right?

Interestingly, do you know that Papa’s Pizzeria even got a multi-award to Flipline? Since all the games are designed to have the same user interface, players can enjoy both the old and new ones without any hesitation. Also, the concept for each game is pretty similar – you will become the temporary manager for Papa Louie’s restaurants because of the boss’s absence. There are 4 main stations helping you complete tasks every day. The primary objective is to keep Papa’s customers happy with the food and drink they order so that you can not only earn money but also get tips.

Check out some outstanding games based on FGC Entertainment’s viewpoint:

  • Papa’s Pizzeria – It is the very first time-management cool math game released from Flipline Studio (2007). As the oldest, Pizzeria didn’t feature a shop for furniture to decorate the restaurant, plus you can only choose between the male and female workers, not customizing your own character.
  • Papa’s Freezeria – This is the fourth game of the Papa’s cooking series launched publicly in 2011. Thanks to the success of the version online, Freezeria soon had two editions for Android (Papa’s Freezeria HD – 2013) and iOS devices (Papa’s Freezeria To Go! – 2014).
  • Papa’s Cupcakeria – Released in 2013, Cupcakeria is the eighth game from the Flipline Studio series. In this game, seasons are first introduced as well as the feature to unlock special ingredients.
  • Papa’s Donuteria – In 2014, Flipline continuously added the tenth game to its cooking series. Donuteria is the first game featuring Tony, one of Flipline founders. About 92 characters appear in Donuteria including 90 customers and 2 workers.

All Papa’s games are available online…freely pick the best one and enjoy. It’s time to train your patience and time-managing skills. You now can join altogether with Papa Louie in this cooking cool math series!


What Parents Must Know About Minecraft?

Believe or not, Minecraft is more than an ordinary video game. It is, according to a study of FGC Entertainment, prone to education. Unlike any computer games you played before, this game can teach children a lot of things, from team work, environment issues to future planning. It is also the only game that most parents want their kids to play.

Although it’s educational, it doesn’t mean you can leave your child sitting in front of the computer all day playing. In order to help kids have the effective Minecraft-playing time, parents must accomplish their supervisory role well. So what about Minecraft that you need to know, moms and dads?

Minecraft Guide to Parents

What is Minecraft? This is a game in which players will interact with various kinds of blocks, from mining, crafting to building. In this open-ended sandbox game, everything will be done with your creativity – it can be either your inspiration or limitation. No instruction, no goal, no point and no level, you have an infinite land to do whatever you desire; only you are able to make what you imagine happen. This is the key explaining the popularity of Minecraft amongst players of different ages.

FGC Entertainment says that there are four modes in Minecraft, but Creative and Survival are the common ones:

  • Creative mode – This ultimate building mode allows your kids to freely create a variety of structures. With unlimited resources, players don’t have to move around mining and crafting.
  • Surviving mode – During the daytime, you have to do every essential thing like building a house, finding food, crafting needful items and weapons if you want to survive. When the night comes, Minecraft creepers will show up to attack you.

Minecraft Language

For some new Minecraft parents, FGC Entertainment makes a list of Minecraft words frequently used when playing this indie game. Hope these definitions can help you understand your children more:

  • Sandbox: An open world where all the rules are created by players.
  • Indie game: Minecraft is developed by a small group including three persons, not a multinational company.
  • Respawn: In Survival mode, if you can’t make it, you then will return to life in a safe place to start over.
  • Mob: Any living creature in Minecraft – some are harmless (pig, dog, chicken, duck, and horse) while some are dangerous (creeper, skeleton, zombie, and enderman).
  • Mojang: The creators and developers of this game.
  • Skin: Skin feature allows players to customize their characters’ appearance.
  • Pickaxe: The basic Minecraft tool used to mine bricks for essential resources – it can be upgraded later.

Multiplayer Feature

Minecraft has multiplayer mode which lets you play with other players. In this case, it means your kids can also interact with strangers. FGC Entertainment will not recommend letting the children play multiplayer. Well, ask your kids or their friends to create their own multiplayer server and only invite those they know to play with. Or, you can go to Minecraft website and learn to create a family-friendly Minecraft server.

In short, is it okay for your child to enjoy Minecraft? Absolutely! The hit blockbuster from Mojang will help them being aware of basic math concepts, developing creativity and problem-solving skills.



Discover The BEST Game For The Summer

Right now is the summer time, and students of FGC Entertainment are still enjoying the period of not go to school. However, there are still a few FGC clubs opened in order to help young people enhance their college experience before another academic year comes. If you are the newcomer, then check the list below and see if there is any club or organization you really want to participate in:

  • Anime Club (Leader – Denise Johnson)
  • Cosmetology I (Leader – Brenda Rodgers)
  • Cosmetology II (Leader – Carol McLean)
  • Mathematical Society (Leader – Frederic Douglas)
  • Brain Bowl (Leader – James Givvines)
  • Rotaract (Leader – Lisa Bailey or Eulalio Cruz)
  • Forensics and Debate (Leader – Dr. Sheri Carder)
  • Student Nursing Association (Leader – Kristeen Roberts or Jakuana Paulk)
  • Practical Nursing (Leader – Kristen McIntosh)
  • Future Teachers Club (Leader – Allyson Dees)
  • Phi Theta Kappa (John Hawes or John Hartzog)

To be a member of these clubs, you just need to ask the leader of each club for the application form. Simple, right?

FGC Entertainment Game Club Introduction

FGC Entertainment Game Club

This is an organization for only game lovers or anyone who wants a future career in the game development industry. Founded be Chelsey McAdam, a student following a course called Video Game Design Program at Florida Gateway College, the purpose of this club is to create a connection between all the FGC gamers by providing them a legal place to play and share their favorite games, such as Minecraft, a collection of moto x3m series, etc. Although the game club was just formed 4 months ago, there have been plenty of students joined in.

About today’s topic, I’ve asked Chelsey to pick one online game most suitable to play during the summer time.

Moto X3M Review

Chelsey said that Moto X3M the series is all you need to pass time. Each part has many interesting levels, offering dozens of tough obstacles. For the win, the players must conquer completely all the obstacles in per level. In general, the fun will never end with Moto X3M – it gives you thrills and spills while you have nothing to do.

The goal of the whole Moto X3M series is to reach the finish line of each stage. You will be equipped with a dirt motorcycle once playing. Go through different types of obstacles and complete the race within the limited time, you’ll succeed. Along the journey, show your adaptation and flexibility by getting golden stars – you can up to 3 stars. The levels will become harder and trickier to test your skills.

This moto game was once introduced in FGC Entertainment Game Club, and the clubbers love it so much. The attractive point of Moto X3M the series is – the various challenges and quests will hook you, making you desire to pass all the stages. Also, keeping playing Moto X3M can improve your skills, helping you come up with a variety of solutions when it comes to solving problems.

In short, FGC Entertainment strongly encourages students to participate in the game club. Not only playing games, but you also get to know more aspects in game-making as well as approach digital art. It is such a great opportunity to expand your creativity and imagination.


Cool Math Games in Education

As mentioned before, students at FGC Entertainment are free to access and play education-related games. Aside from Minecraft, cool math game genre is also popular with young people. Many cool math games run are recently becoming trendy in classrooms. How can they be used in education? These thinking games require logic and intellect from the players – a lot of lecturers think cool math games can help improving and enhancing students’ brain development.

What is the Cool Math Game?

Cool Math Games in Education

Non-violent and extremely safe, the cool math game, via a variety of different challenges and quests, will put your science skills to the test. For the completion, players have to deal with interactive activities, tricky equations as well as irresistible missions. Not only for kids, but cool math games run are also for college students. At FGC Entertainment, lecturers encourage groups of students to play an awesome range of fun math games online together – this boosts the spirit of teamwork among young people and enriches their problem-solving skills.

Presented by FGC Entertainment, cool math games run include numerous fun mathematics topics for playing. Check out now!

  • Arithmetic games – Simply use basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) to answer all the arithmetic-based questions.
  • Geometry games – Want to improve your geometry skills? These games are the perfect option which helps you learn deeper about shapes, measuring a certain thing’s length and weight, and so on.

  • Number games – Numbers have never been so interesting. However, through all the number-based games, you’ll find that fractions and decimals are pretty awesome. Complete various quests like completing a range of math equations for the win.
  • Statistic games – For students who have problems with statistics topics, these interactive math games will give you a help. Through different tasks, you will gain knowledge about the mean, median and mode of data sets.

Not just a game, now cool math games run generally are considered as a perfect tool for educators, especially those teaching science and math.

Cool Math Games in Studying

Can Cool Math Games Benefit Students?

While studying at FGC Entertainment, students are allowed to use cool math games for a class presentation or assignment. These games challenge participants’ brain to work out, so they need to be sharp-witted and ingenious when it comes to finding the most appropriate option of clearing the task. According to some lecturers of Florida Gateway College, cool math games run play an important part in encouraging critical thinking and reflective learning in students, offering them the possibility to life success in the future.

Do you want to play games even when studying? You can either attending Unblocked Games Club or joining in Video Game Design Program – both are provided by FGC Entertainment. These choices help you approach your interest with much ease as well as develop your interest and passion in a complete way.

Choose one you like and give it a go!


Minecraft And The University Success

Some of parents are very concerned about the amount of time their kids reserve for playing games. But now many people realize that playing games is not really as bad as they thought – it does have advantages. According to a new study at FGC Entertainment, games like Minecraft help making students smarter. Via free Minecraft games, young people are able to learn, improve and develop their various skills (communication, teamwork, etc.) and mental versatility.

Minecraft and The University Success

A FGC Entertainment’s researcher claims that Minecraft has a role in the future of higher education. Because of its diversity, Minecraft are not only for kids but also for teenagers and even anyone over the age of 25. These creative games featuring an endless environment allow players to explore the limit of their imagination and creativity based on their personal interests. Since Minecraft has many educational properties, Florida Gateway College, in 2016, has launched it into the education system, giving vividly learning opportunities to students.

Although this is not what many parents like to hear, modern games generally encourage young people to think decisively and solve problems effectively. Jimmy Steel, a lecturer at FGC Entertainment said that these qualities are only beneficial for students, especially when it comes to finding a job after graduated.

What is Minecraft?

No violence, Minecraft is the online creative game in which you can travel around for exploration and build whatever comes across your mind. As a Minecraft citizen, you are free to interact with an open-ended world where allows you to collect resources and construct a variety of structures (a simple house, a skyscraper or even a cathedral).

An exciting part of free Minecraft games is that you can play and interact with other players. It’s not fun to enjoy your creations just by yourself. In FGC Entertainment classrooms, you are able to share what you’ve built to the classmates. Also, activate the Multiplayer mode and you all can play together. The collaborative yet competitive element of Minecraft will form and develop the teamwork in students, as the quests sometimes require players to work together. There is no particular rule in these games and the only limit is your creativity.

Minecraft at FGC Entertainment

Minecraft at FGC Entertainment

Jimmy pointed out that the majority of free Minecraft games, when it comes to accomplishing a specific mission, require players to be imaginative, capable and adaptable. Thus, FGC Entertainment, for the Video Game Design Program, always gives the priority to students having critical thinking and profound learning who can come up with multiple ways for the solution. Moreover, the study of Jimmy demonstrates
that playing games improves resourcefulness, adaptableness and communication ability in college students.

In general, bringing Minecraft in classrooms is recommended to every educator. If you are new to Minecraft, below are selective overviews available online that FGC Entertainment has chosen for reference:

  • Minecraft EDU Educator Review
  • Minecraft EDU on Arizona State University’s Center for Games and Impact
  • Minecraft Experience
  • Minecraft in Education – Leveraging a Game-Based Learning Environment



Play Unblocked Games at FGC

What is waiting for you at FGC in fall 2017? As the summer will end soon, it’s time for you to plan something interesting for fall. FGC Entertainment is definitely a place for you when it comes to games and activities. Talking about outdoor activities, this college offers you different fascinating sports like basketball, soccer, dodge ball, flag football and ping pong. Also, there are numerous clubs and organizations often held in the campus to participate in.

All the existing organizations are listed as follows:

  • Anime club
  • Phi Theta Kappa
  • Forensics and Debate
  • Brain Bowl
  • Cosmetology I & II
  • Rotaract (Rotary in Action)
  • Mathematical Society
  • Future Teachers Club
  • Student Nursing Association
  • Practical Nursing

If you don’t have any interest in the activities above, why don’t you and your buddies found your own club? At FGC Entertainment, you are allowed to try something new, follow what you favor and discover your new passion.

Play Unblocked Games at FGCa FGC student is testing minecraft games unblocked at

Guess what? In case you still have no idea about which club to join in, I’ve got one for you. Do you love playing games? Do you think you are a good gamer? Have you ever thought of forming a group of students which share the same interest? You are free to access and play unblocked games of different genres, from cool math games inside, sports games to Minecraft stimulation games. In addition, FGC Entertainment does provide a special course for all game addicts called “Video Game Design Program”. If you plan to find a career in the game development industry, give yourself a try.

As days go by, more and more games have been used in educational settings. It is a good sign though. For example, Minecraft released the Education Edition last year and soon it has been adopted for several schools in England and America generally. In fact, via Minecraft, the educators are able to interact more with students as well as easily approach their experience.

Not only playing games, you will have many cool opportunities to create your very own games or game mod. Learning video game design program widens your knowledge about designing, writing and producing a simple original game. More interestingly, you will easily approach digital art and programming at FGC Entertainment. What can be better when you can gain skills, knowledge and experience via playing only?

For any student apply the program for video game design, you have two semesters to complete a list of required courses. They include:

  • Video Games History
  • Introduction to Game Production
  • Introduction to Computer Graphics
  • Basics of Graphic Design
  • Game Design and Gameplay
  • Digital Storytelling for Video Games
  • Computer Illustration with Illustrator
  • Game Design Practice

What is the result of completing this program at FGC Entertainment? Well, firstly you will become a game-playing expert, obviously. Hah, just kidding! The video game design program gives you a great understanding regarding the basic skills and functions of equipment needed to develop games.

Is there anyone who says you can play and study at the same time? If yes, then tell them to read this article or, much better, introduce FGC to them. This high-quality institution is always has a place for you. With FGC Entertainment, you can make choices about your future career path with ease.



Overview of FGC Entertainment Fun Activities

As you all know, FGC is the high-quality institution offering many affordable education programs and superior instructions for students. Its purpose is to enrich each individual with lifelong learning opportunities. Yet, no matter how good a college is, without any fun activity, you’ll find it boring and not interesting at all.

Fun Activities of FGC Entertainment

Luckily, in FGC Entertainment, you can choose to participate in many cool student activities, such as joining in a choir, playing sports (basketball, soccer, dodge ball, flag football and ping pong), etc. Before the disbandment in 2008, FGC often held competitive intercollegiate athletic games. Also, there are numerous cool, knowledgeable clubs as well as organizations founded by FGC Entertainment. If you have no interest in any clubs listed as follows, then just start one for your own. This college is always an ideal place for you to try something new and discover your new hobby or passion.

Here are existing organizations in case you want to take part in:

  • Anime club
  • Cosmetology I & II
  • Mathematical Society
  • Forensics and Debate
  • Brain Bowl
  • Future Teachers Club
  • Phi Theta Kappa
  • Rotaract (Rotary in Action)
  • Practical Nursing
  • Student Nursing Association

Video Game Design Program

Video Game Design Program

Do you love playing games? Do you want to create your very own games? Then video game design program at FGC Entertainment is a perfect choice, especially for students who love to work later in the game development business. While learning this course, you’ll achieve the basic knowledge about designing, writing and producing a video game. Also, you will have great chances to approach digital art and programming. Challenge yourself by making a game mod or simple original game – it would be awesome if you can create a Minecraft stimulation game.

Mentioning about Minecraft, this open-world sandbox game featured 3D environment is not only for entertainment. Indeed, it is recently used in an educational setting. Marie Lindsay, the Principal of St. Mary’s College (Northern Ireland), said that Minecraft creates an opportunity to bring educators and students closer together. You can check more about the role of Minecraft games in education for details.

What can you achieve after completing FGC Entertainment’s video game design program? The course will help you as well as other students understand the basic skills and functions of each instrument needed to develop games. Then, it will be easy for each person to make choices about their career path in the future.

The whole program has two semesters, and each contains different required courses:

First semester:

  • Video Games History
  • Introduction to Computer Graphics
  • Basics of Graphic Design
  • Game Design and Gameplay

Second semester:

  • Introduction to Game Production
  • Computer Illustration with Illustrator
  • Digital Storytelling for Video Games
  • Game Design Practice

No need to worry if you still cannot find your favorite activity, as FGC Entertainment always has a place for you.