Play Unblocked Games at FGC

What is waiting for you at FGC in fall 2017? As the summer will end soon, it’s time for you to plan something interesting for fall. FGC Entertainment is definitely a place for you when it comes to games and activities. Talking about outdoor activities, this college offers you different fascinating sports like basketball, soccer, dodge ball, flag football and ping pong. Also, there are numerous clubs and organizations often held in the campus to participate in.

All the existing organizations are listed as follows:

  • Anime club
  • Phi Theta Kappa
  • Forensics and Debate
  • Brain Bowl
  • Cosmetology I & II
  • Rotaract (Rotary in Action)
  • Mathematical Society
  • Future Teachers Club
  • Student Nursing Association
  • Practical Nursing

If you don’t have any interest in the activities above, why don’t you and your buddies found your own club? At FGC Entertainment, you are allowed to try something new, follow what you favor and discover your new passion.

Play Unblocked Games at FGCa FGC student is testing minecraft games unblocked at

Guess what? In case you still have no idea about which club to join in, I’ve got one for you. Do you love playing games? Do you think you are a good gamer? Have you ever thought of forming a group of students which share the same interest? You are free to access and play unblocked games of different genres, from cool math games inside, sports games to Minecraft stimulation games. In addition, FGC Entertainment does provide a special course for all game addicts called “Video Game Design Program”. If you plan to find a career in the game development industry, give yourself a try.

As days go by, more and more games have been used in educational settings. It is a good sign though. For example, Minecraft released the Education Edition last year and soon it has been adopted for several schools in England and America generally. In fact, via Minecraft, the educators are able to interact more with students as well as easily approach their experience.

Not only playing games, you will have many cool opportunities to create your very own games or game mod. Learning video game design program widens your knowledge about designing, writing and producing a simple original game. More interestingly, you will easily approach digital art and programming at FGC Entertainment. What can be better when you can gain skills, knowledge and experience via playing only?

For any student apply the program for video game design, you have two semesters to complete a list of required courses. They include:

  • Video Games History
  • Introduction to Game Production
  • Introduction to Computer Graphics
  • Basics of Graphic Design
  • Game Design and Gameplay
  • Digital Storytelling for Video Games
  • Computer Illustration with Illustrator
  • Game Design Practice

What is the result of completing this program at FGC Entertainment? Well, firstly you will become a game-playing expert, obviously. Hah, just kidding! The video game design program gives you a great understanding regarding the basic skills and functions of equipment needed to develop games.

Is there anyone who says you can play and study at the same time? If yes, then tell them to read this article or, much better, introduce FGC to them. This high-quality institution is always has a place for you. With FGC Entertainment, you can make choices about your future career path with ease.



Overview of FGC Entertainment Fun Activities

As you all know, FGC is the high-quality institution offering many affordable education programs and superior instructions for students. Its purpose is to enrich each individual with lifelong learning opportunities. Yet, no matter how good a college is, without any fun activity, you’ll find it boring and not interesting at all.

Fun Activities of FGC Entertainment

Luckily, in FGC Entertainment, you can choose to participate in many cool student activities, such as joining in a choir, playing sports (basketball, soccer, dodge ball, flag football and ping pong), etc. Before the disbandment in 2008, FGC often held competitive intercollegiate athletic games. Also, there are numerous cool, knowledgeable clubs as well as organizations founded by FGC Entertainment. If you have no interest in any clubs listed as follows, then just start one for your own. This college is always an ideal place for you to try something new and discover your new hobby or passion.

Here are existing organizations in case you want to take part in:

  • Anime club
  • Cosmetology I & II
  • Mathematical Society
  • Forensics and Debate
  • Brain Bowl
  • Future Teachers Club
  • Phi Theta Kappa
  • Rotaract (Rotary in Action)
  • Practical Nursing
  • Student Nursing Association

Video Game Design Program

Video Game Design Program

Do you love playing games? Do you want to create your very own games? Then video game design program at FGC Entertainment is a perfect choice, especially for students who love to work later in the game development business. While learning this course, you’ll achieve the basic knowledge about designing, writing and producing a video game. Also, you will have great chances to approach digital art and programming. Challenge yourself by making a game mod or simple original game – it would be awesome if you can create a Minecraft stimulation game.

Mentioning about Minecraft, this open-world sandbox game featured 3D environment is not only for entertainment. Indeed, it is recently used in an educational setting. Marie Lindsay, the Principal of St. Mary’s College (Northern Ireland), said that Minecraft creates an opportunity to bring educators and students closer together. You can check more about the role of Minecraft games in education for details.

What can you achieve after completing FGC Entertainment’s video game design program? The course will help you as well as other students understand the basic skills and functions of each instrument needed to develop games. Then, it will be easy for each person to make choices about their career path in the future.

The whole program has two semesters, and each contains different required courses:

First semester:

  • Video Games History
  • Introduction to Computer Graphics
  • Basics of Graphic Design
  • Game Design and Gameplay

Second semester:

  • Introduction to Game Production
  • Computer Illustration with Illustrator
  • Digital Storytelling for Video Games
  • Game Design Practice

No need to worry if you still cannot find your favorite activity, as FGC Entertainment always has a place for you.

Meditation – A Powerful Way to Spiritual Happiness

You may know or may not, but there are two types of happiness. The first type – we are happy when everything turns out the way we want. The happiness of having a big house, a new car or a dream job is called “inherently fleeting happiness” – it can’t last forever.

Meditation to the Spiritual Happiness

The second one is a state of being. This type of happiness is not gained from something we achieve; instead, it is our inner joy. Real happiness only appears when we stop seeking material, momentary things and discover the joy that is truly worth keeping for life. How can we awaken to this state of being? From a study at FGC Entertainment, we should put the attention from the silent presence into our heart. Doing that, then our state of mind will experience the real happiness in complete freedom. This eternal presence is called your “true self”

Why Should We Mediate?

Meditation is considered as the most powerful way to approach spiritually to who we really are. This method helps us experience happiness that exists within us as the conscious state. When we meditate, we no longer get involved with the swirl of thoughts, emotions and remembrances that keep us stuck in the past. We, during the meditating process, will enter a state of awareness, giving us a chance to discover our inner fountain of joy. This type of happiness depends on nothing or nobody.

At the first time of meditation stage, we may have a realization of our true self. It will become clearer if the process keeps going. We will leave the conditioned beliefs as we meditate regularly; this accumulates the toxicity, physically and mentally, overshadowing the perception of our spiritual nature.

How to Mediate Yourself?

People who stick to their meditation practice will get the best beneficial result from it. Here, we offer you an effective meditation technique that helps you begin your own meditation path:

  • Choose a private, quite place
  • Sit on the floor or use a chair (you can add blankets and pillows if it makes you comfortable)
  • Keep your eyes closed
  • Let your thoughts flow with your breath’s inflow and outflow
  • Take a deep breath while relaxing your mind
  • Repeat the word “so” and “hum”
  • Follow this process for five minutes if you are the beginner. The duration can increase gradually as you keep practice
  • Stay still with your closed eyes when finish
  • Rest in the silence of your meditation.

In general, meditation is a practical and powerful way to connect to humans’ innate happiness. Hope this topic might give you good insight!

Planting Your Garden with Astrology

Summer is coming! To many of you, this is the time to beautify your garden. What type of plants do you want to place in the garden? Why don’t you make choices based on the zodiac? Believe or not, every astrological sign is associated with specific flowers, plants, and trees. Now, it’s time to find out which kinds representing your zodiac sign – it’d be lovely to add it to your beautiful, colorful garden.

Planting Your Garden with Astrology

With astrology, we can decipher not only our behaviors/characteristics but also others’. Also, this powerful tool allows us to get a glimpse of the future. Guess what? Even food and your zodiac sign has a connection. So, there is no problem to ask for the help of astrology if you are planning a garden. How the astrological signs influence gardening? Many astrologers claim that gardening and the universe’s energy go hand in hand. In general, planting with astrology gives you a chance to enjoy nature and understand who you really are.

Plants for Your Zodiac Signs

Before planning a garden, consider your sun sign carefully. As follows, astrology can give gardeners valuable clues about what to plant:

Aries, fiery, energetic and intense, likes invigorating plants. Flowers or plants generally having strongly scent or thorns easily attract you. Red is your color; thus, you love looking at any flower of this hue, such as red bee balm, poppies, zinnias, and celosia.

Taurus, practical and value-oriented, is a person of consistency and stability. The Bull needs security and reliability, so heirloom varieties of plants blooming in any color are the best choice for your garden. You can consider to plant violets, daisies, foxglove and columbine, Taureans.

Gemini is a highly intellectual, mentally busy individual. It will be interesting to fill the garden with plants representing your style – caraway, calendula, dill and parsley. Yellow flowers are particularly captivating, to Geminis, as they bring joy and pleasure.

Cancer, emotional and sensual, appreciates the beauty. Therefore, Acanthus is the perfect flower for Cancer; it is a tall, shiny-leafed plant. Other plants you should add to your garden are lilies or water lilies, lotus blossoms and any white-petal.

Plants for Your Zodiac Signs

Leo as the gardener will choose enviable, fickle flowers for the yard. The Leo-born prefers bright and sunny plants, such as marigold, sunflower, celandine, rosemary, dahlia and aster.

Virgo is an industrious soul and loves everything that last for keep. People of this sign find brightly colored, small-blossomed flowers with blue or yellow color attractive. Aster, morning glories, and chrysanthemum are also the good choice for Virgos.

Libra, as a romantic, beauty-oriented person, loves having a garden filled with stunning blossoms. You should consider large roses and hydrangeas.

Scorpio is the strongest member of the zodiac. Thus, vigorous plants such as the geranium, heather, holly, gardenia, anemone and even the spiny cactus seem irresistible to Scorpions.

Sagittarius is a huge fan of adventure and outdoor activities. So, you feel excited with plants that are wild, free and spread out. Time to plant giant sunflowers as well as beans and peas!

Capricorn is conscientious and disciplined, truly a serious, organized soul. Based on these traits, your perfect plant is ivy, a creeping and unwavering little vine. Also, in the summer, planting tulips and daffodils is a good idea.

Aquarius, very independent, loves plants like pumpkins and squashes as they are easy to care for. The perfect flower of Aquarians is the orchid; besides, wildflowers can bring joy to your heart.

Pisces is intuitive, thoughtful and clever – you are often the psychic in the zodiac. Having a sense of creativity, you seem to interest in graceful plants (lupines and poppies).

Activities Should Be Avoid During Pregnancy

During the pregnancy period, being active is very important. Especially now the summer is coming, expectant mothers should prepare for an active lifestyle throughout their pregnancy. There are many fun outdoor activities to engage in; however, not all of them are safe enough. If you are pregnant, check out this article and see which activities should definitely be avoided to protect your baby’s health.

Activities to Avoid during Pregnancy

In a woman’s life, surely expecting a baby is one of the most meaningful, beautiful moments. Recently you’ve discovered your pregnancy? Then this is the time to say goodbye to some certain activities which was a part of your life. As a mom-to-be, you should stop participating in any outdoor activity that can hurt your baby or, even worse, lead you to miscarriage. But, not going outdoors is not good. In general, you are recommended to find the right kind of exercises and light activities – exercising will ease the ordeal of delivery of your body.

While doing any activity, remember to watch out for overheating and dehydration. Below is a guide to all activities that pregnant women MUST avoid for the next 40 weeks.


Running is an activity that you shouldn’t participate in right from the early stage of the pregnancy. If you run in moderation, then drink plenty of water. Listen to your body – once becoming overheated, you have to walk to cool down.


You should say NO to this activity if getting pregnant. Unless you are an experienced rider, you can continue to ride safely until the second trimester. In short, bike riding is still dangerous, so you can save it until after you give birth to your baby.

Contact sports

Beware of basketball, field hockey, soccer or any other contact sport. Playing these sports will increase the chance of injury from a fall, a ball or puck, or contact with other players.

Horseback riding

You will probably not want to take the risk of falling off while being pregnant with this activity. Extremely dangerous, even experienced riders give up to horseback riding during the pregnancy time.

Scuba diving

You should avoid this activity at any cost. The risk of scuba diving is – the water pressure affects the fetus and your blood stream. This activity is not only dangerous to the mother but also to the baby.

Skiing and snowboarding

You shouldn’t ski and snowboard during your pregnancy; otherwise, you will be at risk of injury from falls. Due to your changing center of gravity, your balance will also be influenced dangerously.

Hope by now you have known which outdoor activities to stay away during the pregnant period. It is important to keep you and your baby as healthy as possible. Be active is necessary, but you only need to smartly choose safe pregnancy activities. From this moment, before hitting the gym, the beach, or the great outdoors, you have to consult your doctor. With any activity stated above, approach with caution!

Enjoy your summer!


Discover Your Favored Food via Zodiac Signs

We do favor a particular dish and have a preference towards certain types of cuisine when it comes to food. Of course what we eat is a matter of taste. However, some astrologers claim that zodiac signs also determine our preference. Each sign, based on our date of birth, with its own influences predisposes us to liking certain types of food. Read on to discover your eating habit!

Food and Your Zodiac Sign

For centuries, humans have relied much on astrology to find the answer for the future as well as the guidance for life’s toughest problems. Before science and technology came along, astrology was seen as a powerful tool to shed light on unsolved mysteries and also the day to day basics. Believe or not, to understand a person, just simply read their astrological sign. Truthfully, your sun sign reveals your nature, qualities, emotions, strengths and weaknesses, and lots of other attributes – all these factors can be examined to find out what your food personality is like.

If you are interested in this topic, don’t miss “The Relation of Your Health and Your Zodiac Sign“.  Let’s see what your zodiac sign can tell about your health!

What Food Should You Be Eating?

Astrologically, each zodiac sign has certain eating habits since they are ruled by different elements. This leads to different ways of preparing food and different fondness towards a particular type of foods. For example, in a family, the husband may prefer traditional dishes, the wife love to experiment with new and exotic cuisine, meanwhile the children will eat anything as they are not picky. Here is a thorough look at the favored food of every zodiac sign and advice to have healthy meals.

Aries loves hot spicy, calories rich food due to their dynamic nature.
>> People with this sign should eat cooling foods (beans, olives, figs, apricots, pumpkins, and bananas). Arians also need lots of calcium, so kale or dairy is a good choice.

Taurus loves eating sweets, pasta and bread.
>> Taureans should replace sweets with celery and fresh fruits to prevent weight gain and diabetes.

What Food Should You Be Eating?

Gemini loves eating all types of food since they are not the picky type.
>> The Gemini-born must eat foods like green beans, peaches, spinach, broiled fish, and shellfish to support their nervous system. Stop drinking colas and coffees – it’s bad for Gemini health.

Cancer loves homemade meals including plenty of rice and protein.
>> Cancerians should eat foods high in calcium (yogurts, oysters, egg yolks, and watercress) and avoid alcohol, sugar and foods that cause gas.

Leo loves deep fried, spicy food.
>> Consuming rye bread, lemons, figs, asparagus and egg yoke is suggested as it is good for Leo heart and nervous system function. To stay healthy and energetic, they also need to drink goat’s milk.

Virgo is pretty picky when it comes to what they eat.
>> Virgo-born should stop eating dairy products. Instead, consume avocadoes, eggs and fresh seafood to absorb Omega fats for the brain.

Libra loves chocolate and sweets and not really cares for fruits and vegetables.
>> Librans should eat seafood or foods that help their nervous system. At the same time, they must avoid alcohol and coffee.

Scorpio loves meat specifically and high calories food generally.
>> These people must drink much water to stay healthy. Here are some foods helping Scorpios control their moods – black cherries, asparagus, watercress, parsnips, and cottage cheese.

Sagittarius loves junk food (sandwiches, burgers and pizzas) and spicy food.
>> You should eat foods that better your livers. Importantly, avoid overeating, Sag!

Capricorn loves homemade food as they are traditional individuals.
>> The Capricorn-born is advised to eat calcium rich foods (oranges, oats, corn, peas, kale, and spinach), fresh fruits and vegetables – these are good for their bones and teeth.

Aquarius loves vegetables and fruits more than junk food and protein-rich food.
>> People of this sign should avoid sugar (colas and cakes). Try to eat seafood, corn, walnuts, almonds, and spinach to balance the blood sugar.

Pisces is the big fan of natural foods and fruits like figs, strawberries and melons.
>> The Pisces-born needs foods rich in protein and iron (egg yolks, oysters, beef, lamb, lettuce, dried beans, and dates).

The Relation of Your Health and Your Zodiac Sign

When it comes to astrology, what usually comes to people’s mind is the daily horoscope (weekly, monthly and even yearly). Horoscope info often found in entertainment magazines can predict one’s future, love compatibility, career and financial status based on their zodiac sign. For centuries, zodiac signs have been used to better understand aspects of our personality and partially the way we interact with the outside world.

Your Health and Your Zodiac Sign

Interestingly, we, however, have no idea that our health can be tracked in the stars. The astrological signs in fact have a great wellness purpose. Each sign influences particular parts of the human body through their rulership. Hippocrates, the Father of Western Medicine, once said, “A physician without knowledge of astrology has no right to call himself a physician”. Historically, many doctors used astrology as a tool to detect the symptom of a number of serious diseases. Medical astrology has a long tradition with aim is to heal and harmonize the patient’s condition by the stars.

Nowadays, astrology has no significance in the modern medical world. But, still there are over 200 studies proving the influence of the date of birth on our health. Many astrologers believe that medical astrology can show us our overall health and risk for disease.

Overview of Your Health by Your Zodiac Sign

When we know the zodiac sign of someone else, we just relate it to their characteristics or appearance. Actually, all twelve signs of the zodiac do reveal a lot more about our health. According to Traditional Medical Astrology (from FGC library), a book of J. Lee Lehman, each sun sign was claimed to control parts of the body, covering from head to toes, as follows:

Aries (head, face, brain, eyes) – Many Arians often have headaches, fevers and general problems with organs in the head.

Taurus (throat, neck, vocal tract, thyroid gland) – The Bull tends to get throat infections, ear infections, stiff necks, tonsillitis and thyroid conditions. People of this sign sometimes catch colds and flues.

Gemini (hands, arms, shoulders, lungs, brain, nervous system) – The Gemini-born is prone to common colds, tendonitis, flu and cough.

Cancer (chest, stomach, alimentary canal) – When they suppress their feelings, the influence of the Moon causes Cancerians to indigestion, acid-reflux disease, and intestinal maladies.

Leo (heart, chest, spinal column, upper back) – As a Leo, you usually have back problems, heart ailments, and lethargy.

Virgo (intestines, spleen, digestive system, nervous system) – Virgo natives have a tendency to rush through things. They may get ulcers, constipation, and food allergies if not having enough relaxation time.

Libra (kidneys, lumbar region, skin, buttocks) – People born under Libra sign will have excretory problems if thriving too much on pleasure.

Scorpio (sexual organs, bowels, reproductive system, excretory system) – The reproductive system and hormone of a Scorpio can be influenced once they act or behave negatively. Also, the negativity can cause painful and irregular menstruation, diabetes, and bladder infections.

Sagittarius (liver, sciatic nerve, hips, thighs) – Due to the dominance of Jupiter, a Sagittarian may catch different health problems such as spinal disorders, impaired vision, or detoxification issues.

Capricorn (knees, joints, skeletal system) – The stubbornness of a Cap will cause fragile bones and weakened joints.

Aquarius (ankles, circulatory system) – Living a fast-paced life, the Aquarius-born is sensitive to heart problems, arthritis, varicose veins, asthma, swollen limbs, and increased allergic reactions.

Pisces (feet, toes, adipose tissue, lymphatic system) – Be known as an idealistic person, so any overwhelming disappointment can lead Pisces to foot problems. Also, they could potentially be left with a number of diseases due to their weakened immune system.