Planting Your Garden with Astrology

Summer is coming! To many of you, this is the time to beautify your garden. What type of plants do you want to place in the garden? Why don’t you make choices based on the zodiac? Believe or not, every astrological sign is associated with specific flowers, plants, and trees. Now, it’s time to find out which kinds representing your zodiac sign – it’d be lovely to add it to your beautiful, colorful garden.

Planting Your Garden with Astrology

With astrology, we can decipher not only our behaviors/characteristics but also others’. Also, this powerful tool allows us to get a glimpse of the future. Guess what? Even food and your zodiac sign has a connection. So, there is no problem to ask for the help of astrology if you are planning a garden. How the astrological signs influence gardening? Many astrologers claim that gardening and the universe’s energy go hand in hand. In general, planting with astrology gives you a chance to enjoy nature and understand who you really are.

Plants for Your Zodiac Signs

Before planning a garden, consider your sun sign carefully. As follows, astrology can give gardeners valuable clues about what to plant:

Aries, fiery, energetic and intense, likes invigorating plants. Flowers or plants generally having strongly scent or thorns easily attract you. Red is your color; thus, you love looking at any flower of this hue, such as red bee balm, poppies, zinnias, and celosia.

Taurus, practical and value-oriented, is a person of consistency and stability. The Bull needs security and reliability, so heirloom varieties of plants blooming in any color are the best choice for your garden. You can consider to plant violets, daisies, foxglove and columbine, Taureans.

Gemini is a highly intellectual, mentally busy individual. It will be interesting to fill the garden with plants representing your style – caraway, calendula, dill and parsley. Yellow flowers are particularly captivating, to Geminis, as they bring joy and pleasure.

Cancer, emotional and sensual, appreciates the beauty. Therefore, Acanthus is the perfect flower for Cancer; it is a tall, shiny-leafed plant. Other plants you should add to your garden are lilies or water lilies, lotus blossoms and any white-petal.

Plants for Your Zodiac Signs

Leo as the gardener will choose enviable, fickle flowers for the yard. The Leo-born prefers bright and sunny plants, such as marigold, sunflower, celandine, rosemary, dahlia and aster.

Virgo is an industrious soul and loves everything that last for keep. People of this sign find brightly colored, small-blossomed flowers with blue or yellow color attractive. Aster, morning glories, and chrysanthemum are also the good choice for Virgos.

Libra, as a romantic, beauty-oriented person, loves having a garden filled with stunning blossoms. You should consider large roses and hydrangeas.

Scorpio is the strongest member of the zodiac. Thus, vigorous plants such as the geranium, heather, holly, gardenia, anemone and even the spiny cactus seem irresistible to Scorpions.

Sagittarius is a huge fan of adventure and outdoor activities. So, you feel excited with plants that are wild, free and spread out. Time to plant giant sunflowers as well as beans and peas!

Capricorn is conscientious and disciplined, truly a serious, organized soul. Based on these traits, your perfect plant is ivy, a creeping and unwavering little vine. Also, in the summer, planting tulips and daffodils is a good idea.

Aquarius, very independent, loves plants like pumpkins and squashes as they are easy to care for. The perfect flower of Aquarians is the orchid; besides, wildflowers can bring joy to your heart.

Pisces is intuitive, thoughtful and clever – you are often the psychic in the zodiac. Having a sense of creativity, you seem to interest in graceful plants (lupines and poppies).