Discover The BEST Game For The Summer

Right now is the summer time, and students of FGC Entertainment are still enjoying the period of not go to school. However, there are still a few FGC clubs opened in order to help young people enhance their college experience before another academic year comes. If you are the newcomer, then check the list below and see if there is any club or organization you really want to participate in:

  • Anime Club (Leader – Denise Johnson)
  • Cosmetology I (Leader – Brenda Rodgers)
  • Cosmetology II (Leader – Carol McLean)
  • Mathematical Society (Leader – Frederic Douglas)
  • Brain Bowl (Leader – James Givvines)
  • Rotaract (Leader – Lisa Bailey or Eulalio Cruz)
  • Forensics and Debate (Leader – Dr. Sheri Carder)
  • Student Nursing Association (Leader – Kristeen Roberts or Jakuana Paulk)
  • Practical Nursing (Leader – Kristen McIntosh)
  • Future Teachers Club (Leader – Allyson Dees)
  • Phi Theta Kappa (John Hawes or John Hartzog)

To be a member of these clubs, you just need to ask the leader of each club for the application form. Simple, right?

FGC Entertainment Game Club Introduction

FGC Entertainment Game Club

This is an organization for only game lovers or anyone who wants a future career in the game development industry. Founded be Chelsey McAdam, a student following a course called Video Game Design Program at Florida Gateway College, the purpose of this club is to create a connection between all the FGC gamers by providing them a legal place to play and share their favorite games, such as Minecraft, a collection of moto x3m series, etc. Although the game club was just formed 4 months ago, there have been plenty of students joined in.

About today’s topic, I’ve asked Chelsey to pick one online game most suitable to play during the summer time.

Moto X3M Review

Chelsey said that Moto X3M the series is all you need to pass time. Each part has many interesting levels, offering dozens of tough obstacles. For the win, the players must conquer completely all the obstacles in per level. In general, the fun will never end with Moto X3M – it gives you thrills and spills while you have nothing to do.

The goal of the whole Moto X3M series is to reach the finish line of each stage. You will be equipped with a dirt motorcycle once playing. Go through different types of obstacles and complete the race within the limited time, you’ll succeed. Along the journey, show your adaptation and flexibility by getting golden stars – you can up to 3 stars. The levels will become harder and trickier to test your skills.

This moto game was once introduced in FGC Entertainment Game Club, and the clubbers love it so much. The attractive point of Moto X3M the series is – the various challenges and quests will hook you, making you desire to pass all the stages. Also, keeping playing Moto X3M can improve your skills, helping you come up with a variety of solutions when it comes to solving problems.

In short, FGC Entertainment strongly encourages students to participate in the game club. Not only playing games, but you also get to know more aspects in game-making as well as approach digital art. It is such a great opportunity to expand your creativity and imagination.