Meditation – A Powerful Way to Spiritual Happiness

You may know or may not, but there are two types of happiness. The first type – we are happy when everything turns out the way we want. The happiness of having a big house, a new car or a dream job is called “inherently fleeting happiness” – it can’t last forever.

Meditation to the Spiritual Happiness

The second one is a state of being. This type of happiness is not gained from something we achieve; instead, it is our inner joy. Real happiness only appears when we stop seeking material, momentary things and discover the joy that is truly worth keeping for life. How can we awaken to this state of being? From a study at FGC Entertainment, we should put the attention from the silent presence into our heart. Doing that, then our state of mind will experience the real happiness in complete freedom. This eternal presence is called your “true self”

Why Should We Mediate?

Meditation is considered as the most powerful way to approach spiritually to who we really are. This method helps us experience happiness that exists within us as the conscious state. When we meditate, we no longer get involved with the swirl of thoughts, emotions and remembrances that keep us stuck in the past. We, during the meditating process, will enter a state of awareness, giving us a chance to discover our inner fountain of joy. This type of happiness depends on nothing or nobody.

At the first time of meditation stage, we may have a realization of our true self. It will become clearer if the process keeps going. We will leave the conditioned beliefs as we meditate regularly; this accumulates the toxicity, physically and mentally, overshadowing the perception of our spiritual nature.

How to Mediate Yourself?

People who stick to their meditation practice will get the best beneficial result from it. Here, we offer you an effective meditation technique that helps you begin your own meditation path:

  • Choose a private, quite place
  • Sit on the floor or use a chair (you can add blankets and pillows if it makes you comfortable)
  • Keep your eyes closed
  • Let your thoughts flow with your breath’s inflow and outflow
  • Take a deep breath while relaxing your mind
  • Repeat the word “so” and “hum”
  • Follow this process for five minutes if you are the beginner. The duration can increase gradually as you keep practice
  • Stay still with your closed eyes when finish
  • Rest in the silence of your meditation.

In general, meditation is a practical and powerful way to connect to humans’ innate happiness. Hope this topic might give you good insight!