Overview of FGC Entertainment Fun Activities

As you all know, FGC is the high-quality institution offering many affordable education programs and superior instructions for students. Its purpose is to enrich each individual with lifelong learning opportunities. Yet, no matter how good a college is, without any fun activity, you’ll find it boring and not interesting at all.

Fun Activities of FGC Entertainment

Luckily, in FGC Entertainment, you can choose to participate in many cool student activities, such as joining in a choir, playing sports (basketball, soccer, dodge ball, flag football and ping pong), etc. Before the disbandment in 2008, FGC often held competitive intercollegiate athletic games. Also, there are numerous cool, knowledgeable clubs as well as organizations founded by FGC Entertainment. If you have no interest in any clubs listed as follows, then just start one for your own. This college is always an ideal place for you to try something new and discover your new hobby or passion.

Here are existing organizations in case you want to take part in:

  • Anime club
  • Cosmetology I & II
  • Mathematical Society
  • Forensics and Debate
  • Brain Bowl
  • Future Teachers Club
  • Phi Theta Kappa
  • Rotaract (Rotary in Action)
  • Practical Nursing
  • Student Nursing Association

Video Game Design Program

Video Game Design Program

Do you love playing games? Do you want to create your very own games? Then video game design program at FGC Entertainment is a perfect choice, especially for students who love to work later in the game development business. While learning this course, you’ll achieve the basic knowledge about designing, writing and producing a video game. Also, you will have great chances to approach digital art and programming. Challenge yourself by making a game mod or simple original game – it would be awesome if you can create a Minecraft stimulation game.

Mentioning about Minecraft, this open-world sandbox game featured 3D environment is not only for entertainment. Indeed, it is recently used in an educational setting. Marie Lindsay, the Principal of St. Mary’s College (Northern Ireland), said that Minecraft creates an opportunity to bring educators and students closer together. You can check more about the role of Minecraft games in education for details.

What can you achieve after completing FGC Entertainment’s video game design program? The course will help you as well as other students understand the basic skills and functions of each instrument needed to develop games. Then, it will be easy for each person to make choices about their career path in the future.

The whole program has two semesters, and each contains different required courses:

First semester:

  • Video Games History
  • Introduction to Computer Graphics
  • Basics of Graphic Design
  • Game Design and Gameplay

Second semester:

  • Introduction to Game Production
  • Computer Illustration with Illustrator
  • Digital Storytelling for Video Games
  • Game Design Practice

No need to worry if you still cannot find your favorite activity, as FGC Entertainment always has a place for you.