Papa’s Cooking Game Series Review

Talking about cool math games, people only think of science, number, logic or strategy games. Well, do you know that management games are also considered as a part of cool math genre? In this article, FGC Entertainment will present to you all a very popular restaurant management series; that’s, Papa’s Cooking.

What is the benefit of playing Papa’s Cooking games? The whole series challenge your patience as well as put your time-managing ability to test. Will you be freaked out when your customers are angry? Or will you give up if the time is running out? Everything will be reflected truthfully via Papa’s Cooking.

Papa's Cooking Game Series Review

Now let’s learn more about Papa’s games with FGC Entertainment. These restaurant management flash games are created and developed by Flipline . Most of them are very awesome and enjoyable. The series includes a total of 13 games including Papa’s Pizzeria, Papa’s Burgeria, Papa’s Taco Mia, Papa’s Freezeria, Papa’s Pancakeria, Papa’s Wingeria, Papa’s Hot Doggeria, Papa’s Cupcakeria, Papa’s Pasteria, Papa’s Donuteria, Papa’s Chesseria, Papa’s Bakeria and Papa’s Sushiria. These games are very familiar to all players across the world, especially individuals into cooking games, right?

Interestingly, do you know that Papa’s Pizzeria even got a multi-award to Flipline? Since all the games are designed to have the same user interface, players can enjoy both the old and new ones without any hesitation. Also, the concept for each game is pretty similar – you will become the temporary manager for Papa Louie’s restaurants because of the boss’s absence. There are 4 main stations helping you complete tasks every day. The primary objective is to keep Papa’s customers happy with the food and drink they order so that you can not only earn money but also get tips.

Check out some outstanding games based on FGC Entertainment’s viewpoint:

  • Papa’s Pizzeria – It is the very first time-management cool math game released from Flipline Studio (2007). As the oldest, Pizzeria didn’t feature a shop for furniture to decorate the restaurant, plus you can only choose between the male and female workers, not customizing your own character.
  • Papa’s Freezeria – This is the fourth game of the Papa’s cooking series launched publicly in 2011. Thanks to the success of the version online, Freezeria soon had two editions for Android (Papa’s Freezeria HD – 2013) and iOS devices (Papa’s Freezeria To Go! – 2014).
  • Papa’s Cupcakeria – Released in 2013, Cupcakeria is the eighth game from the Flipline Studio series. In this game, seasons are first introduced as well as the feature to unlock special ingredients.
  • Papa’s Donuteria – In 2014, Flipline continuously added the tenth game to its cooking series. Donuteria is the first game featuring Tony, one of Flipline founders. About 92 characters appear in Donuteria including 90 customers and 2 workers.

All Papa’s games are available online…freely pick the best one and enjoy. It’s time to train your patience and time-managing skills. You now can join altogether with Papa Louie in this cooking cool math series!