Play Unblocked Games at FGC

What is waiting for you at FGC in fall 2017? As the summer will end soon, it’s time for you to plan something interesting for fall. FGC Entertainment is definitely a place for you when it comes to games and activities. Talking about outdoor activities, this college offers you different fascinating sports like basketball, soccer, dodge ball, flag football and ping pong. Also, there are numerous clubs and organizations often held in the campus to participate in.

All the existing organizations are listed as follows:

  • Anime club
  • Phi Theta Kappa
  • Forensics and Debate
  • Brain Bowl
  • Cosmetology I & II
  • Rotaract (Rotary in Action)
  • Mathematical Society
  • Future Teachers Club
  • Student Nursing Association
  • Practical Nursing

If you don’t have any interest in the activities above, why don’t you and your buddies found your own club? At FGC Entertainment, you are allowed to try something new, follow what you favor and discover your new passion.

Play Unblocked Games at FGCa FGC student is testing minecraft games unblocked at

Guess what? In case you still have no idea about which club to join in, I’ve got one for you. Do you love playing games? Do you think you are a good gamer? Have you ever thought of forming a group of students which share the same interest? You are free to access and play unblocked games of different genres, from cool math games inside, sports games to Minecraft stimulation games. In addition, FGC Entertainment does provide a special course for all game addicts called “Video Game Design Program”. If you plan to find a career in the game development industry, give yourself a try.

As days go by, more and more games have been used in educational settings. It is a good sign though. For example, Minecraft released the Education Edition last year and soon it has been adopted for several schools in England and America generally. In fact, via Minecraft, the educators are able to interact more with students as well as easily approach their experience.

Not only playing games, you will have many cool opportunities to create your very own games or game mod. Learning video game design program widens your knowledge about designing, writing and producing a simple original game. More interestingly, you will easily approach digital art and programming at FGC Entertainment. What can be better when you can gain skills, knowledge and experience via playing only?

For any student apply the program for video game design, you have two semesters to complete a list of required courses. They include:

  • Video Games History
  • Introduction to Game Production
  • Introduction to Computer Graphics
  • Basics of Graphic Design
  • Game Design and Gameplay
  • Digital Storytelling for Video Games
  • Computer Illustration with Illustrator
  • Game Design Practice

What is the result of completing this program at FGC Entertainment? Well, firstly you will become a game-playing expert, obviously. Hah, just kidding! The video game design program gives you a great understanding regarding the basic skills and functions of equipment needed to develop games.

Is there anyone who says you can play and study at the same time? If yes, then tell them to read this article or, much better, introduce FGC to them. This high-quality institution is always has a place for you. With FGC Entertainment, you can make choices about your future career path with ease.