Activities Should Be Avoid During Pregnancy

During the pregnancy period, being active is very important. Especially now the summer is coming, expectant mothers should prepare for an active lifestyle throughout their pregnancy. There are many fun outdoor activities to engage in; however, not all of them are safe enough. If you are pregnant, check out this article and see which activities should definitely be avoided to protect your baby’s health.

Activities to Avoid during Pregnancy

In a woman’s life, surely expecting a baby is one of the most meaningful, beautiful moments. Recently you’ve discovered your pregnancy? Then this is the time to say goodbye to some certain activities which was a part of your life. As a mom-to-be, you should stop participating in any outdoor activity that can hurt your baby or, even worse, lead you to miscarriage. But, not going outdoors is not good. In general, you are recommended to find the right kind of exercises and light activities – exercising will ease the ordeal of delivery of your body.

While doing any activity, remember to watch out for overheating and dehydration. Below is a guide to all activities that pregnant women MUST avoid for the next 40 weeks.


Running is an activity that you shouldn’t participate in right from the early stage of the pregnancy. If you run in moderation, then drink plenty of water. Listen to your body – once becoming overheated, you have to walk to cool down.


You should say NO to this activity if getting pregnant. Unless you are an experienced rider, you can continue to ride safely until the second trimester. In short, bike riding is still dangerous, so you can save it until after you give birth to your baby.

Contact sports

Beware of basketball, field hockey, soccer or any other contact sport. Playing these sports will increase the chance of injury from a fall, a ball or puck, or contact with other players.

Horseback riding

You will probably not want to take the risk of falling off while being pregnant with this activity. Extremely dangerous, even experienced riders give up to horseback riding during the pregnancy time.

Scuba diving

You should avoid this activity at any cost. The risk of scuba diving is – the water pressure affects the fetus and your blood stream. This activity is not only dangerous to the mother but also to the baby.

Skiing and snowboarding

You shouldn’t ski and snowboard during your pregnancy; otherwise, you will be at risk of injury from falls. Due to your changing center of gravity, your balance will also be influenced dangerously.

Hope by now you have known which outdoor activities to stay away during the pregnant period. It is important to keep you and your baby as healthy as possible. Be active is necessary, but you only need to smartly choose safe pregnancy activities. From this moment, before hitting the gym, the beach, or the great outdoors, you have to consult your doctor. With any activity stated above, approach with caution!

Enjoy your summer!