Great Tips To Protect Yourself From Negative Energy

In the universe, there are two forms of energy – positive and negative. Surrounding you every day, both coexist and have a great impact as well as influence on you.

Naturally, if you feel happy or excited about something, your positive emotions will spread out and draw in positive energy. On the other hand, negative emotions are born from stress, anxiety, depression and anger that could attract negative energy.

Is there any way to get rid of negative energies? Yes, here I come up with certain things that can help you remain only the positive energies. Keep track of this article if you want to live a joyful, successful and peaceful life.

How to rid yourself of all negative energies?


Laughter is The Greatest Medicine for Positive Energy

Laughter is the greatest medicine for positive energy.

There is a saying: “Laughter is the best medicine”, and it really is.

To avoid negative energies approaching your life, the first thing to remember is that happiness is a choice. If you choose a serious, intense attitude to face all circumstances in life, what you gain in return is only the negativity.

There’s only one thing reminding you not to take everything so seriously – what is it? Physically, laughter will lighten your mood. Take part in situations in which you can freely laugh. For example, visiting a comedy club or watching a funny movie.

Is it true that laughter can cure anything? Make friend with people who agree with this claim and you will see.

Always feel grateful for everything

Always Feeling Grateful with Everything in Life

Always feeling grateful with everything in life.

Another tip helping you getting rid of negative energies in life is – learning to accept the reality. Bear in mind that even if you prevent the negative energy from coming to your life, it doesn’t mean that bad things won’t happen.

In fact, negative things can still occur on occasion; and, that is life!

You should not upset or behave angrily. Instead, try to embrace your anger as well as appreciate it. You must express a positive attitude towards negative things. In order to achieve the best in this beautiful life, you are supposed to be grateful for everything that happens.

Be full responsible for your behavior and action

Taking Full Responsibility for Your Behavior and Action

Taking full responsibility for your behavior and action.

In life, people have the tendency to play the victim. However, you should take full responsibility for your manners, behaviors, actions and words toward your life in order to attract the positive energy. Never act like you are the victim!

When making a decision, you must have the reason in mind, whether it is good or bad.   And when you decide to go with it, you also have to accept the following consequence no matter how positive or negative it is.

Until a person learns to take responsibility for everything occurring in their lives, they are able to draw in the positive aura. Show the universe that you are ready to deal with all kinds of challenges coming your way.

Become aware with people involved in your life

Become Aware with People Involved in Your Life

Become aware with people involved in your life.

Last but not least, noticing others’ energies is also a way assisting you in achieving the positive energy in every aspect of life.

What kind of energy that people around you are putting off? Are your friends or colleagues recently making complaints or negative decisions?

Being surrounded by a great source of negative energy cannot help you attract the positive energy. Therefore, only staying in the circle of optimistic, bright individuals can provide you what you desire.

Nevertheless, this is not an easy step but very necessary, especially if you are serious about gaining a positive life.

Overall, getting rid of negative energies from your life is totally possible. Prepare the right mindset and you will be able to clear your goal with ease. Although the road leading to the ultimate success may not be simple, it is worth trying.

Spiritual Reading for Positive Energy

Getting Spiritual Reading to Avoid Negative Energy

Getting spiritual reading to avoid negative energy.

Are you searching for guidance?

Anyone of us struggle with challenges and experience difficult moments. What do we often do at those times? Well, when we need help, a talk with the spiritual reader can help solving the most of things.

Just ask for the spiritual healer’s assistance, and then you will receive a spiritual reading which comes in an interesting way. This is a precious opportunity for you to seek genuine guidance from an intuitive.

You can confess your current situation or what is confusing you frequently. Or, make questions regarding your future or past, and the reader’s answer will point out changes you need to do in the present that could bring a huge difference for a brighter future.

Note that the whole session’s purpose is not to cure your emotional wound or offer you a solution on a silver platter. Instead, the guidance will guide you through experience where you can gain clarity into your living life, and realize the truth that you need to learn.

Open your mind for greater understanding about your present situation.

Be open-minded to all new experiences entering your life and you will see life differently in your present situation.


Meditation – A Powerful Way to Spiritual Happiness

You may know or may not, but there are two types of happiness. The first type – we are happy when everything turns out the way we want. The happiness of having a big house, a new car or a dream job is called “inherently fleeting happiness” – it can’t last forever.

Meditation to the Spiritual Happiness

The second one is a state of being. This type of happiness is not gained from something we achieve; instead, it is our inner joy. Real happiness only appears when we stop seeking material, momentary things and discover the joy that is truly worth keeping for life. How can we awaken to this state of being? From a study at FGC Entertainment, we should put the attention from the silent presence into our heart. Doing that, then our state of mind will experience the real happiness in complete freedom. This eternal presence is called your “true self”

Why Should We Mediate?

Meditation is considered as the most powerful way to approach spiritually to who we really are. This method helps us experience happiness that exists within us as the conscious state. When we meditate, we no longer get involved with the swirl of thoughts, emotions and remembrances that keep us stuck in the past. We, during the meditating process, will enter a state of awareness, giving us a chance to discover our inner fountain of joy. This type of happiness depends on nothing or nobody.

At the first time of meditation stage, we may have a realization of our true self. It will become clearer if the process keeps going. We will leave the conditioned beliefs as we meditate regularly; this accumulates the toxicity, physically and mentally, overshadowing the perception of our spiritual nature.

How to Mediate Yourself?

People who stick to their meditation practice will get the best beneficial result from it. Here, we offer you an effective meditation technique that helps you begin your own meditation path:

  • Choose a private, quite place
  • Sit on the floor or use a chair (you can add blankets and pillows if it makes you comfortable)
  • Keep your eyes closed
  • Let your thoughts flow with your breath’s inflow and outflow
  • Take a deep breath while relaxing your mind
  • Repeat the word “so” and “hum”
  • Follow this process for five minutes if you are the beginner. The duration can increase gradually as you keep practice
  • Stay still with your closed eyes when finish
  • Rest in the silence of your meditation.

In general, meditation is a practical and powerful way to connect to humans’ innate happiness. Hope this topic might give you good insight!