List Of Top 5 Unblocked Games Online Free

You really hate the feeling of getting bored when being at school or work, right? Well, FGC Entertainment can help you, really. Here we pick a list of 5 good unblocked games which you can access with ease. These games can be savored anytime and anywhere without giving you any problem.

What makes the unblocked game awesome? Your data will always be saved whether you play on your laptop, your private iPad or a school computer. All the following games provided by FGC Entertainment has different genres, from arcade, shooting, adventure to 3D games. Still more other miscellaneous games, so if you want to discover, don’t hesitate to play unblocked games at FGC now.

1. Tank Trouble 2

Tank Trouble 2 Game

The first pick of FGC is Tank Trouble 2. Actually, this game is a complete remake, inspired by Tank Trouble, the original version. When it comes to the classic tank shooter, your ultimate goal is to destroy all enemy tanks. Players can play solo in Single-player mode, or you are also able to battle with one friend for more fun. Control the tank precisely and aim accurately to defeat the CPU or your buddy before you are attacked.

Will you become the highest scoring player?

2. Flight

In this addicting distance game, players will help a little girl send her letter to her mother, asking her to return home for Christmas. The major objective is to throw a paper plane as far as possible within limited days. Collecting stars as well as other boosters during the flight will give you cash. Later, make use of the money to upgrade the plane with advanced power-ups so that it can fly further.

3. Minecraft

You think Minecraft can’t be played at school or work? Totally wrong! In fact, there’s a Minecraft unblocked version created to help you deal with your boredom. Just get the download link from the official homepage and then you can enjoy the fun.

Nobody hasn’t played or at least heard about Minecraft, right? This open-world sandbox game is very popular – by entering the visual world full of blocks, players will get an opportunity express whatever they have in mind. Feel free to explore the limitless land and generate your very own kingdom.

Here, in Minecraft, the only limitation is nothing but your imagination.

4. Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels Game

Well, a large number of students at FGC Entertainment love Happy Wheels. In this ragdoll physics based game, you will take control of your favorite character and vehicle. Use your gaming skills to go through all obstacles and find a way to the exit in each level. The ultimate goal here is to STAY ALIVE, but trust me…it is definitely not that easy.

There are many characters and vehicles here – you can role-play a bicycling dad, Segway rider, or old man in the wheelchair. Proceed to many levels to unlock new people and means for more terrific stunts.

5. Bloons Tower Defense

The whole series is all about preventing the balloons’ attack to the monkey island. Like any typical tower defense game, Bloons Tower Defense asks players to build certain towers and fortresses. Also, it’s necessary to recruit an army of different monkeys. When the preparation stage is done, set all to the battle map in order to stop bloons from breaking into the entrance.

The more balloons you destroy, the more coins you will get. Use it to upgrade your protection system as well as train the monkey unit. Will you be able to make it through all levels?

In conclusion, FGC Entertainment is such a great place for those who want to reduce stress from school, work or even daily life. You can play all the unblocked games on all browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox and IE).

Hope you have fun with all the games above!